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Jul 26, 2019

Repeating Hajj

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Is it good to repeat Hajj every year for the one who wants to do that and for whom it is not difficult, or is it better to do it every three years or every two years?


Praise be to Allah..

Allah has enjoined Hajj upon every adult accountable Muslim who is able to do it once in a lifetime. Anything more than that is voluntary and is an act of worship by means of which he may draw closer to Allaah. There is no report that specifies a particular number for voluntary Hajj, rather the number of times it is repeated depends on the person’s financial situation, his health and the circumstances of other around him such as his relatives and the poor, and other interests of the ummah, how much of his time and money he devotes to supporting the ummah, on his position within the ummah and whether it is of more benefit for the ummah for him to stay or to travel for Hajj etc.. So each person should look at his own circumstances and what is better for him and the ummah, and give precedence to that.

 And Allah is the source of strength.

Al-lajnah al-daaimah lil-buhooth al-ilmiyyah wal-ifta, 11/14.


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